Our CEO, Cesar Lasso, has spent the last 30 years building his network in the beauty industry to bring this new collection of premium products to our loyal customers. In 1992, Mr. Lasso founded a cosmetics distribution business in the United States that offered beauty and fragrance products to global companies. In 2012, after 23 years of running a successful business, Mr. Lasso founded CJ Lasso, LLC, the dream of Cesar’s life to have his own brand, in the same year he launches his line of fragrance mists with a collection spectacular of 10 Fragrances.

Among them, five focused on men, the new alternative presented is the one that has maintained until now “The New Generation Of Fragrance Mist” during years of effort and dedication that has managed to penetrate the United States market and has spread a, Dubai, Africa, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Brazil. In 2016, I started with the project to create a new brand at low cost, but of high quality, I LOVE’T was born as inspiration in the new era of perfumes with this brandy that reached a higher level of commercial stability.

By touching the Latin market and the United States market, in 2019 he began to work to launch this summer his new collection of fragrances in fog with different designs and full of color.



We are focused professionals in the development of fragrances with exceptional quality standards for our customers and communities, through the passionate delivery of a truly remarkable product.


It’s a new era of Aromas that they provide modern explosions of freshness that attract the public, making them feel attractive and full of life.



Generate a global impact of the concept of the new generation of fragrances in the national and international markets, developing innovative articles with colors, smells and styles which are available to any consumer.