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Cesar Lasso , nombrado 2021 Top # 1 Latino Index New Jersey


Our CEO, Cesar Lasso, has spent the last 30 years building his network in the cosmetics and personal care industry, to bring new collections of premium products to our loyal customers. The dream was born in 1992 when Mr. Lasso started a perfume distribution business in the United States that offered fragrance products to many global companies.

From 2008 to 2011, the company traded successfully under Lasso Cosmetics LLC, which was a brand that distributed perfumes as well as a broad line of cosmetics internationally.

2012 was the key year, after 20 years of running a successful business, Mr. Lasso decided to rebrand Lasso Cosmetics LLC and he created CJ Lasso, LLC as his dream was to have his own brand. In the same year he launched his line of mists with a spectacular collection of 10 fragrances.

Among them, five were focused on men, and this line has been maintained until now marketed as “The New Generation of Fragrance Mists”. Throughout the years, his team’s effort and dedication has managed to penetrate the United States market and has spread abroad to places like Dubai, Africa, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Brazil.

In 2016, Cesar created an additional brand of low-cost perfumes, but of high quality. The brand I LOVE’T was born as inspiration in the new era of perfumes and with this brand his venture reached a higher level of commercial stability.

In 2019 he launched the current summer collection of fragrances; the bottles have different designs that are full high impact color. These fragrances are a trendy collection of aromas very well received by the Hispanic-American and greater American audience. 

In times of transformation, Mr. Lasso was awarded the #1 spot in the 2020-2021 New Jersey Latino Index Top 100 publication which recognizes business leaders that have an impact in the community with their philanthropic activities and general contribution to the economy. Past notable awards include Businessman of the Year in 2011 and 2017 presented by the Morris County Hispanic-American Chamber of Commerce.


The company is focused on the development of fragrances and other cosmetics and personal care products, with exceptional quality standards always thinking about our customers and communities. Passionate to deliver a truly remarkable product.


Create a significant impact with the concept of the new generation of fragrances in national and international markets. Become the leader of innovative products with creative scents, attractive packaging and trendy styles available at great value to our consumer base.

Cesar Lasso, named 2021 Top # 1 Latino Index New Jersey